Fortunes of War is now available

My intimate cover of Iron Maiden’s song “Fortunes of War and title track “Tell the Truth” are now available when you pre-order my new album “Tell the Truth”.

Tell The Truth

Tell the Truth is a collection of my favorite bucolic songs played at live shows that have never been properly recorded or released. You might remember songs like "Born to Die", “Bruised up Broken Heart” or "Kissing Ghosts"?  Those haunted little soul nooks have stayed dear to my heart and I was long overdue to record them, along with my new tracks “It’s Alright”, “Tell The Truth”, and a very intimate take on Iron Maiden's "Fortunes of War". 

“Fortunes of War” is now available exclusively on Bandcamp when you pre-order the EP here. This track really spoke me in relation to the ongoing opioid crisis. Instantly, I heard the pain of war, the silent torment of a life stolen, and the outrage from being abandoned by a government body whose sole purpose should be to protect us.

Thank you for the beautiful patience with this release. I am
so proud of this album and can’t wait to share the
full album with you. 


Tell the Truth - Pulling inspiration from old school American, rock, and folk, this intimate album features provocative vocals, pedal steel, optigan, guitar, piano, bass, and drums.


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