Tell The Truth

Obviously the release of this album, which I recorded right before I had my baby in May 2018, has been postponed. The truth is: the baby took me by surprise and all my plans got changed! Mixing and Mastering took longer than expected and then figuring out how and when to release it - well… these things are a lot even without a wee one in the picture! :). So thank you for your patience and for everyone that supported the making of it by pre-purchasing it on Bandcamp.

The first single release will be a cover of Iron Maiden “Fortunes of War”. It’s coming very very soon and anyone that prepurchased will be getting the whole album asap. Putting the final touches on my release plans and as soon as distribution is sorted out, I will be sending it to you right away.

You can still prepurchase it if you want to support! It’s a fantastic album that I am so proud of and excited to share with you. In our wonderfully digital world, music is free to listen to with Spotify etc, but it is certainly not free to make. That's why I need your help!


GOAL AMOUNT: $3,500.00


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