For my NYC loves - I will be returning for one night only at the Rockwood Music Hall.
I would love it if you could come support - you'll even get to hear music from the new album ;)
Details below!
xoxo Tiff


When? Sunday, May 14th
Where? Rockwood Music Hall
What time??? 10pm, no cover!

She's baaack!

Hello dear friends!  As most of you know, I have been pretty preoccupied with all things IAMEVE - which has been fantastic.  But getting back in the studio to do a Tiff Randol album has been tugging at me  (not to mention many of you nudging me back that way as well 😉).  So at last - it’s happening!!!

There are some songs that have been neglectfully unrecorded, like “Born To Die” and “Kissing Ghosts”, which you may have heard live, along with some new ones!  The plan is to record these in the next couple of months, so we can have something brand new to you this summer!

Anyone that pre-purchases the new EP on Bandcamp or donates here will receive an advance copy of the EP, along with two unreleased tracks as a bonus "I love and thank you forever for supporting my music" gift :)" In our wonderfully digital world, music is free to listen to with Spotify etc, but it is certainly not free to make. That's why I need your help!


GOAL AMOUNT: $3,500.00


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