"Eccentricity and wild creative slashes are usually a preserve of the anarchic rock star.

Not so for soulful rock chanteuse, Tiff Randol: as a three year-old this already ascendant artist was waging war as a one-kid, anti-social crime wave. Bedroom walls were daubed in paint; Motown 45s were blasted from a Fisher Price record player in the early hours of the morning.

Later, trips to a child shrink proved unrewarding. Prescriptions included “plastic sheets on the walls and ear plugs” as an answer to her parent’s sleepless nights and cleaning bills. Not that it helped. As Randol grew older, there were more noisy experiments as a huge record collection swelled with the likes of Elvis Presley, Kate Bush, Guns N'Roses, Billie Holiday, The Beatles, Billy Idol, Johnny Cash and Prince. This consumption was not unrewarding, however. Now the singer-songwriter has made a habit of writing songs littered with adventurous pop hooks and drive time lyricism."


Randol is a songwriter, vocalist, producer, and performer with a background in jazz, classical, and theater that accentuates her diversity in the studio and on stage.  Having gone from being in a NYC punk band to producing solo folk albums to a recent exploration of electronic pop and dance music, it is clear Randol loves to draw inspiration from many styles of music. Currently she lives in LA and works as a vocalist, composer, and songwriter for film, TV, and commercials.

Her music has been featured in numerous films and TV shows, including having written the theme song “To Feel Alive” with composer Andrew Lockington as well as performing as lead vocalist on the score of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters under the moniker IAMEVE.  Other film features include Saphirblau (the second film in the wildly popular German trilogy Rubinrot), Goon, and Delusions of Guinevere.  

Randol's music has been featured in the trailer for Showtime's Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan.  You can also hear her scattered across a number of other shows and networks, including Royal Pains, The Lying Game, Barnes & Noble, The Hills, Showtime, ABC, NBC, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, and more. She has performed live on Fox Good Day NY, Fearless Music, live with Moby on The Tonight Show, featured and spoofed by Portlandia, awarded as an up and coming writer for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and won Best Score at the Long Island Film Festival for her debut as composer for a short film called “Meg’s Song”.  

Currently, Randol is developing a 360 Immersive Dome Show with Vortex Domes in LA, preparing to release a series of new solo singles, as well as for IAMEVE. Watch the video for IAMEVE's single Starman here.  

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